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We're ready to get started on your room! This Design Profile will help us get an idea of the vision you have, and if you don’t yet have a vision, it will help you to create one. The more we know, the more likely we are to provide fabrics that you'll love.

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Fabric Preferences

Please tell us what colors you are looking for in your fabrics.

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Tell us about your vision. What types of fabrics are you interested in?

Florals and botanicals can be traditional or contemporary, and bold or understated.

  • Fabricut Lens Floral
  • Stout Falcon
  • Fabricut Original Song

Ethnic prints and designs can be eye catching and are a great way to incorporate color and texture into your room.

  • Kasmir Alessandra Leash
  • Clarke & Clarke Malatya
  • Stout Leash

Modern abstracts are sleek, contemporary, and can add some depth and interest to your room without introducing an overwhelming pattern.

  • Marcus William Adderly
  • Texture Kebir
  • Novel Reflect

Geometrics are always trendy and can create a contemporary feel in any room.

  • Marcus William Incident
  • Fabricut Narva Fringe
  • Barrow Diorama

Fretworks and medallions are available in a variety of looks ranging from natural to contemporary and are usually printed or embroidered.

  • Kasmir Lorelai
  • RM Coco Jambi Paisley
  • JF Fabrics Pippin

Stripes and plaids are timeless and range from beachy and casual to refined and sophisticated.

  • Fabricut Kousa Stripe
  • RM Coco Port Washington
  • Stout Bobbin

Solids and textures add warmth and depth and are the perfect way to soften your room and make it look complete.

  • Fabricut Rosemary Linen
  • Novel Zaffiro
  • Kasmir Shangri La

Tell Us About Your Current Décor

We’d like to know a little more about your room. We are committed to providing an exceptional experience and expert design advice so the more we know about the space as it is today, the easier it will be to wow you with our recommendations.

Please upload a photo or two of the window/room we are working on.

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We’d love to learn more about you. Please upload any links you would like to share to help us understand your style. This could be a Pinterest board, something you saw on Instagram, or anything else that will help us understand the look you want for your home.

If available, please provide the specific manufacturer and color of your wall paint.

Please tell us anything else we should know before putting together your Swatch Kit.
For example, are you only looking for solids or sheers? Do you want something sparkly? Any additional information you can provide will help us get you samples you will love so we can help make your room more beautiful!

Are you interested in any other custom accessories for your room, such as pillows or bedding? Please explain. These can be in the same fabric as your drapes or in a coordinating fabric. If you tell us about these interests now, we can pull some additional samples to send along in your Swatch Kit.

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Can We Help With Anything Else?

Are you interested in receiving fabrics for more than one room in your home? A Swatch Kit for your first room costs $75, but each additional room is only $25 when purchased at the same time. So now is a great time to tackle some of those other projects you’ve been meaning to get to. Let us help you beautify your entire home!

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